Why Visit Macedonia

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The cultural value of Macedonia has left a deep impact on the world today, Christianity came to Europe through Macedonia via St Paul the Apostle and the Cyrillic script extends all the way to Siberia in Russia. Modern warfare stems it's roots from Macedonia with Phillip II of Macedon revolutionizing the way armies are run, creating the first professional army. His innovation in warfare, weaponry and strategy created the feared Phalanx, the first shock cavalry "Companions" and siege weaponry which allowed his son, the famous Alexander the Great of Macedon to conquer the known world. Taught by the famous philosopher Aristotle, Alexander conquered the might of the Persian empire and pressed towards the end of the known earth, reaching the Himalayas. Alexander the Great's impact on the world is well known, being on the most influential figures in history.

Macedonia is also birthplace to countless other pivotal figures in history such as Mother Teresa, Justantin I, St Cyril & Methodius, Kemal Ataturk and many others.

The origins of Macedonian history start in the Neolithic times and the cult of the sun. With ancient monuments such as the "Macedonian Stonehenge", Kokino named fourth most significant ancient astronomical site in the world after Stone Hendge, Abu Sibel and Angor Wat. Byzantine and Ottoman rule melted cultures and left deep marks on today's country and people.

Today's Republic of Macedonia is a young, modern country with a diverse and ancient history. It boasts some of the most revered and valuable iconography in the world. With many ancient monasteries such as St. Naum, St Panteleimon, St Jovan Bigorski and countless others. Macedonia is truly a biblical place and this can be felt when one enters any of these monasteries.

With it's unique, rich history and geographic positioning there is no better way to get a feel for Macedonia than through it's cuisine. Macedonian national dishes include Tafce Grafce, Turli Tava, Ajvar, Polneti Piperki and others. Macedonian cuisine is one of the focal points of our national tours and two day tours.

Archeological sites are scattered throughout the country, reflecting periods from the Neolithic, ancient Macedonian, Roman and Byzantium. Some of the most notable sites which are covered by our tours include: Heraklea in Bitlola, founded by Phillip the II of Macedon, Ohrid with sites throughout the town, Roman Stobi and Bylazora.


Macedonia is a mountainous country with many lakes, waterfalls and stunning natural beauty. Each mountain has a local story and unique adventure and offering. Mountain biking, paragliding and hiking are excellent ways to absord the natural beauty with unique flora and fauna on show.

The Macedonian mountains gave birth to Bogomilism, where crossed by the conquering soldiers of Alexander the Great, Roman Invaders, Byzantine rulers and barbaric invaders. Local wild animals include: wolves, bears, deer and the mysterious and endangered Balkan lynx.

Our tours provide the absolute best natural experiences in Macedonia.

The beautiful nature with mountains and lakes best reason to visit
Best place to have amazing adventures


There are countless adventures to be had in Macedonia, many of which include hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, sky diving and taking in all of the local culture and history. We have created the best adventures in the country for all fitness groups. From two day camping adventures which take you through magical mountain paths, stopping of to eat local authentic cuisine, all the way to national adventures which cover the whole country and the best things to see and do.
Our Adrenalin adventure is one of a kind and takes you to three of the best locations, enjoying authentic Macedonian cuisine all whilst get the heart pumping with Skydiving, Downhill mountain biking and paragliding.

Our motto is "One place, many adventures"


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airport and Ohrid St Paul the Apostle airport.

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